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Sunset, possibly the most beautiful and romantic time of the day. The sky fills up with gorgeous colours and the bright sun makes its way out to let the moon to shine. Whether it’s for a great photographic opportunity or simply as a romantic setting, here are 5 best places in Malta and Gozo to see the sunset.

1. Golden Bay

After a fresh swim, what’s better than laying on the sand and sharing some food, drinks, and cuddles with a loved one? The sun meets the sea at the horizon as the sky fills with stunning pink and orange colours. Truly a picture-perfect moment.

Golden Bay
Credits to Michela Migneco

2. Dingli Cliffs

You should expect jaw-dropping views upon one of the highest points in Malta. The cliffs are located along Malta’s western coast and offer mesmerizing scenery of high rocks and blue sea. I would recommend a lovely stroll along the cliffs just before sunset time, and then stopping to sit down and observe in awe the ravishing sun set.

Dingli Cliffs
Credits to @matthewmallia via Instagram

3. Red Tower, Mellieha

Also known as St Agatha’s Tower, this newly renovated tower is the perfect spot for those who adore heights. The view of the sun setting over the surrounding cliffs is definitely a sight not to be missed!

Red Tower Mellieha
Credits to @mattias.palmier via Instagram

4. Top of the World, Għargħur

Located at the top of a hill, one can enjoy breath-taking views of open countryside and the western coast of Malta. The picnic area allows you to sit down and enjoy a meal whilst listening to some vibey music and admiring the stunning colours that fill up the sky.

Top of the World
Credits to Michela Migneco

5. Tas-Sanap Cliffs, Gozo

This spot isn’t frequented by many locals or tourists, however it is a prime location to watch the sun set. They are around 120m high and offer views of what seems to be endless waters. You can either enjoy this time sitting down on a bench or strolling along the path, whichever way guarantees a lovely experience!

Tas-Sanap Cliffs
Credits to @adam.dronuje via Instagram

Do you know of any more spots to watch sunset? Let us know in the comments below!

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