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Malta itself is considered to be a hidden gem, isolated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of tourists visit the Maltese Islands every year for countless reasons, mainly for the beautiful sunny weather and the abundance of culture and history within just 316 square kilometres. Most tourists tend to stick to the same popular locations, missing out on some of Malta’s most breath-taking sites. Here are 5 Maltese treasures which are so under-the-radar that not even most locals are aware of them.

1. Imġiebaħ Bay, Selmun.

This small sandy beach located to the north of Malta is perfect for a peaceful day by the sea. Its secluded geographical position has allowed it to remain untouched and retain its natural beauty. It is recommended to access the beach on foot, as the route requires a lovely trek through narrow and twisted country roads. This winding road takes you through a scenic valley to this beautiful beach with golden sands and crystal-clear water. With no amenities
in the vicinity, it is important to pack enough food and drink. Although difficult to access, Imġiebaħ Bay truly is a reward once reached!

Imgiebah Bay
Credits to @nanja__

2. Il-Kalanka Bay, Marsaxlokk

Down the road from the famous St Peter’s Pool is il-Kalanka Bay, a quieter natural pool in the southeast part of the island. The clear azure water is ideal for those who love to snorkel, and thrill-seekers have the opportunity to jump off high cliffs into the sea. There are also some magnificent caves to explore. There is ample room and even some shady areas along the smooth curves of limestone, making it an excellent place to sunbathe and relax. Just like Imġiebaħ, there are no facilities close by so one must make sure to take all necessary items with him/her.

Kalanka Bay
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3. Top of the World, Għargħur

Although central, this spot with mesmerizing views isn’t known or frequented by many tourists. Located at the top of a hill, one can enjoy breath-taking views of open countryside and the western coast of Malta. Once you’re there, it is highly recommended to trek and walk around the lovely town of Għargħur. Close by is a place of devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. The niche with the
statue of Our Lady of Sorrows and the replica of the Għargħur church was created from stones, pebbles and shells. Without a doubt, this peaceful spot is a great opportunity to get away from the buildings and enjoy nature for a little while.

Top of the World Gharghur
Credits to @jquirolo

4. Imqabba

This tiny town in the southern region of Malta may be the most overlooked. It boasts historical and archaeological remains such as Paleo Christian catacombs, a cave known as Bur Megħeż where late pre-historic burials were found, and the parish church dedicated to the Assumption. The fireworks during the Mqabba village feast are quite the sight to see, with the group in charge of this display having won several international awards. It is the perfect place for countryside walks, stunning views and magical sunsets as most land there is ODZ. The town also frequently hosts classic car shows, filling the rustic roads with retro and vintage vehicles.

Credits to @toniattard

5. Wied il-Mielaħ Window, Għarb (Gozo)

When one thinks of Gozo, the Azure Window immediately comes to mind. Many were devastated when it collapsed in March of 2017, however within the same island is the just-as-beautiful natural limestone arch located at the end of Wied il-Mielaħ Valley. The valley of Wied il-Mielaħ is rich in flora and a lovely place to walk. The way down the valley is like a botanical display of vegetation
typical of the Mediterranean. The stone that forms the top of the arch is still in great condition, making it a window one can actually walk on. It truly is a natural wonder created entirely from storms and crashing waves.

Wied il-Mielah
Credits to @geologyintheuniverse
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