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Are you really Maltese if you pretend to hate Eurovision but end up organising or attending a Eurovision watch party every year? Although our country’s love for this singing competition has no boundaries, we’ve unfortunately never managed to win it. Having said that, that doesn’t mean we haven’t had some bomb entries which we still jam out to till this very day. Here are Malta’s top 5 Eurovision entries by ranking.

1. 7th Wonder by Ira Losco (2002)

Ranking: 2nd Place

Composer: Phillip Vella

Lyricist: Gerard James Borg

This romantic ballad sung by Malta’s most famous female artist is by far one of the most popular Maltese entries of all time. It sky-rocketed Ira Losco to fame and was Malta’s best Eurovision result ever achieved at the time. It’s catchy, poppy, and who can forget Ira’s iconic moment when she blew a handful of glitter into the camera?!

2. Angel by Chiara (2005)

Ranking: 2nd Place

Composer & Lyricist: Chiara Siracusa

Eurovision was still mainly very upbeat and pop at the time of this song’s entry, so such a great result with a solo love ballad was quite the surprise. This entry earned Malta’s largest number of points so far with a whopping 192 points. This wasn’t Chiara’s first time participating in the competition, yet it was the most successful.

3. Little Child by Mary Spiteri (1992)

Ranking: 3rd Place

Composer: Georgina Abela

Lyricist: Raymond Mahoney

One of the older entries on this list, Mary Spiteri did a great job representing Malta with this ballad about growing older and losing innocence. It placed third out of 23 countries and earned 123 points. A Maltese version of the song was also recorded entitled Tfajjel Ċkejken.

4. The One That I Love by Chiara (1998)

Ranking: 3rd Place

Composer: Jason Cassar

Lyricist: Sunny Aquilina

This was Chiara’s first time participating in the renowned contest. It’s another romantic ballad in which the singer tells her lover how she feels about him. The song received a total of 165 points and placed 3rd among 25 countries. A Maltese version was recorded too, together with a German version covered by singer Melanie Terres.

5. More than Love by Chris & Moira (1994)

Ranking: 5th Place

Composer: Christopher Scicluna

Lyricist: Moira Stafrace

Chris & Moira are a Maltese duo who represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1994. Their ballad about the power of music helping you to reach your dreams earned a 5th place finish with 97 points. It was the county’s greatest achieved result at the time.

What’s your favourite Maltese Eurovision entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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